About Me

I am not religious.

I am in fellowship with Jesus the Christ – a Christian if you will.

I am not religious.

Religion is a man-made system of man-made rules, activities, traditions, morality, and dogma placed on top of or in addition to revealed truths.  Religion is a system used to judge those who are not in compliance with it, and to empower those who make it their profession.  Religion is used by those in power to mentally, emotionally, intellectually, and/or physically control others.

Religion is rooted in pride and self delusion. The more religious you are, the less likely it is that you will go to Heaven.

I am not religious.

Jesus of Nazareth was not religious.  His messages challenged, confronted, and refuted those of the religious leaders of His day.  When Jesus was on earth, the only people He had a problem with were religious.    The people who conspired to have Him executed were religious.

I am not religious.

I am only interested in one thing – understanding truth. And if the Judeo-Christian philosophy is true, then it should conform to and reflect the philosophical and objectives rules of truth.  I believe it does.  This blog gives my reasons (unfortunately you’ll have to endure my sense of humor as well).

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  1. Melvin Jones said,

    Good site. I’ve enjoyed reading it. I especially like the fact that you are not religious.

    Telling people that and that I hate religion is one of the small pleasures I have in life. Blogging on PP is another.

    • E. Mabrie said,

      Thank you Melvin. That means a lot to me. I’ve been reading your blog for several years after finding the link on John Coleman’s site. You do a great job of warning people about the religious deception that permeates the pulpits. And as you can probably imagine, I appreciate your sense of humor. Tragically, some of the funniest parts of your blog are the comments by the sheep. I admire your restraint when you respond to them.

  2. Ivin Hauck said,

    I understand you are interested in understanding truth. Without an understanding of beginings there can be no absolute standard for understanding anything. What you end up with is a cacophony of relativism from folks who use it as a way to deny the very facts they know are true. The truth is the truth whether we believe it or not.
    You say you are not religious – I assert you are. Religion by definition is, among other definitions – a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith. I see from your dedicated blogging that you most certainly are religous. You want truth apart from the Jesus you claim was not religous. If the Bible is to be believed – it says a great deal about how religious Jesus actually was.
    Jesus fulfilled ALL that He was sent to do. He commanded His disciples to make disciples-students-followers-learners, baptize and to teach them ALL that He had commanded them. Sounds like Jesus was pretty religous from that account in Matthew 28:19-20. The simple truht is that religion is man’s response to Gods’ Word. All humanity is religous in some way. Some religously reject The God of the Bible by using the excuse that Christians have abused the very things they were given to worship God. That is true. But just because there is abuse does not negate the obligation to worship the One true God on His terms and not ours. The truth of the matter is that no one after The Fall can or desires to worship God in the manner He deserves. It’s only until The Spirit of God (promised by Jesus to his people) opens blind eyes and renews dead hearts that our man-made religion (in whatever form we desire) is replaced by true worship of the living God who sent His Son to die to give us that gift of eternal life we did not even know or care we needed.
    Just a thought…

    • E. Mabrie said,

      Hello Ivin,

      Thank you for reading the blog and for sharing your thoughts.

      Keep in mind that I specifically defined “religion” as man-made dogmatic systems. How ever we define religion (or any other practice created by intelligent beings) we can conclude that it either came from man, or from God (the only known sources of intelligence). If religion is broadly defined as anything we do in service to what we consider divine, then Jesus was no more religious than Mohammad. That is why I strictly exclude those things inspired by the God of the Judeo-Christian Bible from “religion”. Jesus certainly followed and fulfilled the Mosaic Law perfectly, but the Law did not come from man, it came from God and thus does not fit religion as I defined it. Furthermore, since I believe that Jesus is God (and I will give my reasons for this belief in a mid-April post), all of His commandments to Christians also fall under the category of God-inspired.

      I actually find the phrase “truth apart from Jesus” to be oxymoronic. Jesus IS truth. He is the First Cause of truth. Any honest search for truth will lead you to God; that is actually the underlying theme of this entire blog. If you are referring to the idea that I tend to lead with human logic and reason before going to the Bible, then I understand how this method can seem unorthodox. However my point is to show that the Biblical concept of God is not divorced from logic and reason. Logical deduction and Biblical faith are not mutually exclusive. Moreover, Romans 1:18-20 makes it clear that even if you have never seen a Bible, God holds you accountable to know Him based solely on human understanding of cosmology. This blog leads with Romans 1:20, then follows with 2 Timothy 3:16.

      Thank you again for your comments. Please keep reading and let me know what you think as the blog progresses.


  3. Tom Hubbard said,


    Nice work. I’m a long time reader of Modeling God and saw the link there the other day. Thankfully I was able to catch it early enough to read everything rather quickly.

    Keep up the good work, I look forward to reading more.


    • E. Mabrie said,

      Thanks Tom. Please keep reading and let me know what you think.


  4. Hey, I love this blog. I would go back and access the previous pages and create “read next” links consistently on every post, so that someone can easily go from beginning to end.

    Also, in one of the first posts, I believe you said something about man having free will but God and Satan not having free will. The idea has intrigued me ever since I read it. Would you please expand on that?

    Thank you

    • E. Mabrie said,

      Sure. In general terms, free will means “you can do whatever you want”. I define it more specifically as “the ability to act outside of your nature”. God’s nature is that he is always and completely right and just. God cannot be unrighteous and unjust. If He was, He would technically no longer be God. Therefore God cannot act outside of His nature. Therefore, God does not have free will. He can’t just do “anything He wants”. He can’t do evil, and He can’t lie because those things are unrighteous. God can’t even prevent sin in most cases because it would be unjust.

      For example, lets say a man decides to kill his wife and goes to buy a gun. One might ask why God doesn’t just stop him right there and punish him? Because the man is not a murderer yet so it would be unjust to do anything to him. In fact, up until the moment he pulls the trigger, he is still not a murderer and has a chance to change his mind. If God did anything to interfere, it would not give the man the opportunity to NOT commit the murder.

      Man’s nature (generally speaking) is that he is NOT always and completely right and just. However he has the ability to choose to act outside that nature by following God (who of course IS always and completely right and just) and doing His will.

      Satan also does not have a free will. His original nature was to reflect/represent the glory of God. After he fell, that nature was warped in that he still wants to have the glory, but since he is separated from, he wants the glory of God, WITHOUT God. He wants to be worshiped. That has been his desire from day one and its never changed (there is more detail on this in the “Know Thy Enemy” series that I just finished).

      I hope and answered your questions. Let me know if you need any additional clarification. I’m glad you like the blog. PLEASE tell others about it. I’ll also go through the pages and add links to the next posts as appropriate. Thanks for pointing that out.

  5. sonluawerr7 said,

    Hi, I was introduced to this site by one of my friends and let Me declare I am so thankful to him. Your site is so clear and easy to understand, best thing is you explain things with My understanding, You may believe this or not but I eagerly wait for your new post. keep up the good work May God bless You with Book of Your Own, hey I would also like to connect You on FB, please let Me know i that could be a possibilty. Vaibhav Patole sonluawerr.wordpress.com

    • E. M. said,

      Thank you so much for the encouraging words! I’m curious, who is the friend that turned you on to the blog?

  6. Thank you.

  7. Obsydian said,

    You’re sadly deluded !!

    The Lord Jesus Founded A CHURCH, not merely a Religion !!

    You are a Recalcitrant & Disobedient Soul !
    You’ve made yourself your own pope, picking & choosing
    what you want to believe / accept.

    Come & Debate us if you can !

    • E. M. said,

      You’re sadly deluded !!

      The Lord Jesus Founded A CHURCH, not merely a Religion !!
      [EM Response] I’ve made it abundantly clear throughout this blog that I believe religion is illegitimate
      I’ve also made it clear that in recent posts that Jesus started a church. How am I deluded? We seem to agree on this point. Does this mean you are deluded too?

      You are a Recalcitrant & Disobedient Soul !
      [EM Response] Didn’t your mother ever tell you that its rude to call people names?

      You’ve made yourself your own pope, picking & choosing
      what you want to believe / accept.
      [EM Response] I accept the entire Bible as the Word of God. I do NOT accept the teachings and traditions of Mystics that conflict with or flat out contradict the Bible

      Come & Debate us if you can !
      [EM Response] That depends on how you answer this question – Are you willing to be contrastive in this debate? In other words, are you willing to have a civil discussion with the mindset that you MAY be wrong and willing to be open to legitimate arguments that challenge what you currently believe? If so, then I would be happy to discuss our differences. However, if you merely want to engage in a comparative battle where your goal is to prove yourself right by hurling close-minded statements and insults (and you did above), then such a “debate” is a waste of my time.

      Let me know

  8. Galo Canote said,


    I started seraching on Nimrod and I came across your blog! Thank you and God Bless you! I am glad I ran in to your blog – although – sigh – I have to bear your humor! Hehe

    Anyways – thank you so much for intelectually writing about the truth, which is of course, Jesus, and how much of the truth has been distorted, catered and manipulated for convenience!

    Thank you my beloved!

    • E. M. said,

      Thank you for reading! (And enduring my humor). FYI, you are on my old site. I stopped posting here 3 years ago. PLease go to my new site that has new content and podcasts! http://www.faithbyreason.net

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